Selling With FastSpring

Use the FastSpring App to create your Storefronts and all associated attributes, including products, prices, and promotions.

Stores and Storefronts

  • When you sign up at FastSpring, you get a new account with one Store.
  • Storefronts defines your products, offers, promotions, email design, default currency, and other major settings.
  • Your FastSpring Store can consist of one or more Storefronts that define the web interface presented to customers with options to override many Store settings.

Products and Variations


A Product in your FastSpring store is a sellable item that can be added to the cart and checked out. Products are defined at the Store level. Any product in the Store can be purchased through any Storefront and accessed through the FastSpring API and Store Builder Library.

  • Products have a title, description, and a price defined in multiple currencies with optional discounts.
  • Subscriptions are products that typically involve future charges to the customer, either on an automatic interval or on demand, and do not require the customer to re-enter payment information.
  • Product Bundles group multiple products together for a predefined amount, either for convenience or to discount the group compared to each item purchased separately.


Product Variations allow you to create a clone of your product and only change specific details such as price or description. Variations are useful when you want to use the original product and fulfillment with a discount or some other adjustment.

Offers and Options

Connect multiple products through product offers or product options

  • Product Offers: Display cross-sell and upsell suggestions for your customers.
  • Product Options: In Web Storefronts, Product Options appear as subordinate or dependent items indented below the triggering products rather than as separate line items.

Popular Features

Subscription management and billing

Payment and tax options

Support and fulfillment for your customers

  • FastSpring Consumer Support helps your customers with all aspects of purchasing, payment, and fulfillment of licenses or activation
  • FastSpring fulfillment options include complete delivery of your digital products with file downloads, license distribution, and customizable fulfillment notifications

Checkout configuration

Support for Developers and integrations