Interactive Quotes Overview

FastSpring’s Interactive Quotes can display your pricing models and product features in an interactive, digital format. This simplifies the sales cycle and captures insights around your sales. 

Each Interactive Quote can:

  • Calculate and update pricing in real time.
  • Adhere to an approval workflow.
  • Apply multiple pricing tiers and additional components.
  • Integrate a chatbot for prospects to ask questions.
  • Track customer activity for analytics and insights.
  • Apply security features such as eSignatures, view limitations, terms of service, and passwords.

Each quote can present up to 5 pricing tiers. You can incorporate pricing components and addons to apply to any of the tiers. These components and addons may be a required selection or optional upsells. 

After you send the interactive quote to the prospect, they can customize their selections, such as addons, number of users, and preferred tiers. You can view their changes through the Analytics and Tracking page. The quote automatically updates the price each time a prospect makes a change. 

When the prospect is satisfied, they can make their payment directly on the quote using the FastSpring App Integration. 

To get started with FastSpring Interactive Quotes, contact us for a free demo!

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Interactive Quotes API Documentation

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