HubSpot Integration

The HubSpot integration enables you to connect your Interactive Quotes to existing HubSpot deals. You can associate multiple quotes with each deal. 

In HubSpot, the Activity page automatically updates when the following events occur:

  • You associate or un-associate a quote with a deal.
  • You publish an associated quote.
  • Your prospect views the quote.

You can access associated quotes from the Activity page, or in each associated company and prospect’s profile. 

Enable HubSpot in Your Interactive Quotes Account

  1. In the Interactive Quotes site, navigate to Settings > Integrations.
  2. Click on the HubSpot tile. Click Connect. FastSpring will redirect you to the HubSpot login page.
    • The HubSpot tile only appears when HubSpot is provisioned for your account.
  3. Select the account you want to integrate with. Click Choose Account.

After you enable HubSpot, your HubSpot account will reflect in your Interactive Quotes account. To see your Portal ID Number, hover over Connected on the integration tile. You can disconnect your account by clicking the three dots, then Disconnect. 

Connect a Quote to a HubSpot Deal

  1. Create a new quote. Navigate to the Settings section.
  2. Under CRM Association, click Associate Quote with CRM. This retrieves all of your deals within HubSpot.
  3. Select a deal. The information from the deal will automatically populate the Client Company and Contacts and eSignature fields.
  4. Publish the quote.

After you connect a quote to a deal, you can view the update within HubSpot. If you publish changes to this quote, they will automatically reflect in HubSpot.