Seller Notifications

Configure custom email notifications to notify yourself and team members when specific events occur. After you set up email addresses, specify the events that FastSpring should send you. You can edit or add more notifications at any time. 

Set Up Email Addresses

In the Email Settings section, apply email addresses for specific notification types, such as customer notifications and store-related alerts. Your Primary Account Contact email is the primary email address for all stores. However, you can use Default and Alert email addresses for notifications instead. 

  1. Navigate to Settings > Email Settings. In the Default Settings section, click Edit.
  2. In the Primary Account Contact section, edit the first name, last name, and email address of the primary contact for your account. This affects all stores and storefronts.
  3. In the Store Notification Addresses section, enter one or more email addresses to receive notifications for each store.
    • Default Email Address: Enter email addresses that receive all store notifications by default. Separate each email address with commas.
    • Alert Email Address: Enter email addresses for specific notifications. Separate each email address with commas. FastSpring will send alert emails to these email addresses instead of the Default Email Address.

Configure Custom Notifications

After you specify the email addresses for notifications, you can add or edit the email notifications that FastSpring sends them. 

  1. Navigate to Settings > Email Settings. In the Custom Emails section, click Add.
  2. In the Event Type drop-down, select the event that will initiate this notification. Click Next. This creates the notification.
  3. In the General subpage, enter a name for the notification. Add one or more email addresses to send this notification to. Separate each email address with commas.
  4. In the Custom Email Template section, customize the information you would like to collect with this notification.
  5. In the Conditions subpage, configure circumstances in which FastSpring sends this notification:
    • Applicable Site: Select the store this notification applies to.
    • Rule Applicability: Select the billing conditions this notification applies to.
    • Products: Click Add Product to select one or more products that these conditions apply to.
  6. In the Advanced subpage, select the type of character encoding for this notification. This is helpful if you plan to implement a script to parse incoming notifications.
  7. Save your changes. The notification will appear under Custom Emails.

Including Tags and Attributes

In the Contents field, you can add tags and attributes to your notification. 

  • Order Tags: Enter #{order.customList} in the email contents.
  • Product Attributes: Enter #{baseItem.customList} in between and .