Product Bundles

Group 2 or more single-purchase products together to offer a bundle deal to your customers. The customer will receive fulfillments of all included products, however they will only pay one total price at checkout.

If you include a subscription in your bundle, FastSpring will not rebill customers for it. To offer bundles with rebills, see Subscription Add-Ons.

Create a Bundle

  1. Navigate to Products > Bundles. At the top, right corner, click Create Bundle.
  2. In the Product title displayed to the customer field, enter a customer-facing bundle name. Click the language drop-down to enter the title in additional languages.
  3. In the Product Path field,  enter a product ID. FastSpring will apply the ID to the URL and internal referencing. This is not editable after you create the bundle.
  4. In the Price field, enter the price of the bundle. This is the total price (excluding taxes) that customers will pay for all included products.
  5. Below Products in the Bundle, type the name of a product you would like to include. Repeat this step for each product.
  6. Click Create.