VAT and Sales Tax

As Merchant of Record, FastSpring is responsible to collect, file, and remit taxes for sales through our platform. We calculate taxes in real time based on customers’ location and the type of product they purchase from you. FastSpring automatically applies these taxes at checkout, as required by local regulations in the customer’s country. 

Tax Jurisdictions and Identification Numbers

FastSpring assesses and collects indirect taxes for each individual product and transaction. This is based on the taxability rules that each jurisdiction issues. Most products will have a 0% VAT rate applied. This may vary depending on the customer’s country. Eligible businesses can avoid these rates with a valid VAT or GST ID. 

To verify a FastSpring Identification Number, contact the Mutual Assistance Office in your local country.

For Zero / Exempt Rates with *: Digital Invoicing and Interactive Quotes do not currently support tax exemption. If the column reads “Exemption does not apply on B2B”, tax exemption will remain unsupported in that jurisdiction.


Collection JurisdictionFastSpring Identification NumberEffective DateTax CollectedStandard RateZero/Exempt Rate
South Africa48002772891 February 2020VAT15%Exemption does not apply on B2B

Asia and the Pacific

Collection JurisdictionFastSpring Identification NumberEffective DateTax CollectedStandard RateZero/Exempt Rate
AustraliaARN 3000 0970 39531 July 2017GST10%0% *
India9917USA29028OS124 March 2017GST18%0% *
Indonesia02.162.942.3-053.0001 April 2022VAT11%0% *
Japan870015007361924 June 2020CST10%0% *
Malaysia2100002025 August 2021SST8%Exemption does not apply on B2B
New Zealand122-060-8961 March 2017GST15%0% *
RussiaINN: 99094712115 August 2020VAT20%Exemption does not apply on B2B
Saudi Arabia3107555831000031 November 2020VAT15%0% *
SingaporeM90373079G1 January 2023GST9%0% *
South Korea754-80-005831 February 2020VAT10%0% *
Taiwan425281941 May 2017VAT5%0% *
Thailand09930004572931 September 2021VAT7%0% *
United Arab Emirates (UAE)10044291950000325 September 2020VAT5%0% *


Collection JurisdictionFastSpring Identification NumberEffective DateTax CollectedStandard RateZero/Exempt Rate
Belarus1024012781 September 2021VAT20%0% *
European UnionEU3720176451 January 2015VATVarious0%
    AustriaEU3720176451 January 2015VAT20%0%
    BelgiumEU3720176451 January 2015VAT21%0% *
    BulgariaEU3720176451 January 2015VAT20%0% *
    CroatiaEU3720176451 January 2015VAT25%0%
    CyprusEU3720176451 January 2015VAT19%0%
    Czech RepublicEU3720176451 January 2015VAT21%0%
    DenmarkEU3720176451 January 2015VAT25%0%
    EstoniaEU3720176451 January 2015VAT22%0%
    FinlandEU3720176451 January 2015VAT24%0%
    FranceEU3720176451 January 2015VAT20%0%
    GermanyEU3720176451 January 2015VAT19%0%
    GreeceEU3720176451 January 2015VAT24%0%
    HungaryEU3720176451 January 2015VAT27%0%
    IrelandEU3720176451 January 2015VAT23%*0%
    ItalyEU3720176451 January 2015VAT22%0%
    LatviaEU3720176451 January 2015VAT21%0%
    LithuaniaEU3720176451 January 2015VAT21%0%
    LuxembourgEU3720176451 January 2015VAT17%0%
    MaltaEU3720176451 January 2015VAT18%0%
    NetherlandsEU3720176451 January 2015VAT21%0%
    PolandEU3720176451 January 2015VAT23%0%
    PortugalEU3720176451 January 2015VAT23%0%
    RomaniaEU3720176451 January 2015VAT19%0%
    SlovakiaEU3720176451 January 2015VAT20%0%
    SloveniaEU3720176451 January 2015VAT22%0%
    SpainEU3720176451 January 2015VAT21%0%
    SwedenEU3720176451 January 2015VAT25%0%
Ukraine8800323531 June 2024VAT20%0%
Iceland1378421 June 2020VAT24%0% *
Norway20174741 January 2017VAT25%0% *
Serbia1126418111 September 2021VAT20%Exemption does not apply on B2B
SwitzerlandCHE-407.203.569 MWST1 April 2013VAT8.1%Exemption does not apply on B2B
Turkey18713779511 June 2020VAT20%0% *
United Kingdom375 3691 651 January 2021VAT20%0% *

North and South America

Collection JurisdictionFastSpring Identification NumberEffective DateTax CollectedStandard RateZero/Exempt Rate
Canada763242542 RT 99991 July 2021GST5%0% *
    Alberta1 July 2021GST5%0% *
    British ColumbiaPST-1445-02101 June 2021GST + PST12%0% *
    Manitoba1 July 2021GST5%0% *
    New Brunswick1 July 2021HST15%0% *
    Newfoundland and Labrador1 July 2021HST15%0% *
    Northwest Territories1 July 2021GST5%0% *
    Nova Scotia1 July 2021HST15%0% *
    Nunavut1 July 2021GST5%0% *
    Ontario1 July 2021HST13%0% *
    Prince Edward Island1 July 2021HST15%0% *
    QuebecNR0001682928 September 2020GST + QST14.975%0% *
    Saskatchewan73197751 October 2020GST + PST11%0% *
    Yukon1 July 2021GST5%0% *
Chile59.300.600-K1 June 2021VAT19%0% *
Colombia70025844330 September 2020VAT19%0% *
MexicoBML050628KF31 September 2021VAT16%Exemption does not apply on B2B

United States Sales Tax

FastSpring complies with the rules and regulations in each state. FastSpring is registered and collects sales tax in all 45 US states with sales tax regimes. (This excludes Alaska, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire, and Oregon. Sales tax is computed using the location of a user, based on information provided or saved during checkout. This is assumed to be the purchaser unless the gift or purchase on behalf of functionality is selected and recipient information requested. Address information, including country and postal code is required to complete and properly tax transactions. FastSpring has elected remote seller methodology to use flat tax rates in all states where allowed.

Tax Rates

Our specialists monitor tax rates in all regions of the world to ensure your tax rates are fully compliant. For more information, see the resources below. 

Tax Rate Changes

  • June 2024: VAT collection started in Ukraine.
  • March 2024: Malaysia SST rate increase of 2% to an 8% SST rate
  • January 2024: Singapore GST rate increase of 1% to a 9% GST rate, Switzerland VAT rate increase of .4% to a 8.1% VAT rate; Estonia VAT rate increase of 2% to a 22% VAT rate; Luxembourg temporary 1% VAT rate reductions set to expire, VAT rate will increase from 1% to 17%.
  • October 2023: Japan qualified invoice requirement effective October 1, 2023.
  • September 2023: Reverse charge reporting available for Japan JCT on B2B sales, Reverse charge reporting no longer available in Serbia on B2B sales.
  • January 2023: Singapore GST rate increase of 1% to an 8% GST rate
  • April 2022: Indonesia 1% standard VAT rate increase to 11%
  • January 2022: FastSpring starts withholding on qualified transactions and issuing Form 1099-K and 1042-S. See Tax Withholding for more information.
  • December 2021: Tax Category Selection Helper launched with 90+ available tax codes.
  • August 2021: VAT collections started in Belarus, Serbia, Mexico, Thailand and Malaysia.
  • July 2021: GST / HST tax collections started in Canada in all provinces.
  • June 2021: VAT collections started in British Columbia, Chile, Indonesia.
  • May 2021: Custom tax codes and bulk product uploads launched.
  • September 2020: Product tax questionnaire with 35 available tax codes launched. See Product Tax Category for more information.