Storefronts Overview

When you sign up for FastSpring, your account consists of one store, in which you can create unlimited storefronts. 

Your store defines major settings across all storefronts, including: products, offers, promotions, email design, and default currency. FastSpring Support can create additional stores in your account if needed. We recommend having separate stores to set up the following:

  • B2B and B2C products
  • Offers for different sets of prospects
  • Different access rights for your users

Within each store, you can customize individual storefronts. These are the web or popup interfaces that your customers see when they make purchases or request quotes and invoices. Each storefront has a distinct URL, and may house different configurations from other storefronts within the same store. These provide you with options in how to group, present and sell your products. For more information, see Managing Your Storefronts

Default Storefronts

Each Store has a default web storefront that controls the appearance and styling of the Account Management site. All of your consumers can view and manage their orders via this site, including consumers who purchased from a popup storefront. Popup storefronts cannot be default storefronts. Your default web storefront must be online to affect the appearance and styling of the Account Management site.

Configuring Stores and Storefronts

When you access your store, one default storefront is available to use. You can customize this to reflect your website’s styling. Configure default settings (such as base currency and Account Management Site appearance) at the store level; these affect each of your storefronts. However, you can override these on the storefront level to create separate storefronts for different purposes.  

Until your store is live, you can make test purchases on all of the storefronts. After it goes live, make test purchases from the test store by typing .test into the URL. 

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