Send API requests to https://api.fastspring.com.

The FastSpring API is a REST API which you can use to pass and retrieve information between your store and website. The API will return information in a JSON response, using HTTP communication methods.

The primary communication methods include the following:

  • GET: Request data from your store.
  • POST: Send data to your store.
  • DELETE: Remove data from your store.

FastSpring requires a TLS 1.2 (or later) encryption for each call, and a User-Agent header in each request.


To start using the API, authenticate your API credentials in the FastSpring App. Store the credentials in a secure place for future reference; you cannot view the password after the initial session.

  1. In the FastSpring App, navigate to Developer Tools > API Credentials.
  2. Click Create. FastSpring will automatically generate your username and password.
  3. Securely store the credentials for future reference.
    If you reset your credentials, update each stored procedure that relies on API access to prevent failed requests.


Use Base64 to encode your username and password in the headers.

Data Types

  • String columns: VARCHAR 255
  • Encoding: UTF-8
  • Numeric values: 2dp precision; this applies to price and discount values.

Rate Limits

To maintain a responsive user experience, FastSpring may impose request rate limits on API calls that originate from individual accounts. This results in an HTTP 404 response code. To avoid rate limits, consider making batch requests.