Templates (IQ)

Admins can design templates for their sales team to utilize when configuring quotes. When a member configures a new Interactive Quote, they must select an active template to design off of. However, members still have access to customize all fields within the quote. 

Create a Template

Only Team Admins have access to create and edit Templates. 

  1. In the Interactive Quotes site, navigate to Manage > Templates. In any of the subpages, click Create Template at the top, right corner.
  2. Under Template Settings, add a Name to your template. This will be visible to team members when selecting the template to configure their quote.
  3. Under Template Description, add a team-facing description for the Template.
  4. Follow the configuration steps of creating a new quote. Fields containing client information are not configurable in a template.
  5. Switch the template to Active at the top of the page. This makes it visible to your team when they are configuring quotes.

After the template is active, Admins can edit it by navigating to Manage > Templates. Team members can select this or other templates when creating new quotes.  

Grouping Templates

You can add your team’s Templates to groups to organize them. Each group is visible to admin on the left menu. To create a new group, click Manage > Templates > + New Group

Add a Template to a Group

  1. After you have created a group, navigate to the All Templates page.
  2. Scroll to the template you wish to add. Click the three dots at the top, right corner of the quote.
  3. Click Move to Group. Select the group you wish to add the template to. A confirmation dialog appears.
  4. Click Move to confirm. FastSpring will automatically move the template to the selected group.