With coupons, you can offer a promotional discount to a select group of customers. Only customers who have the coupon code can take advantage of the offer. Each coupon allows you to configure the following customizations:

  • Schedule automatic start and end dates.
  • Incorporate a customer-facing message.
  • Track effectiveness of marketing campaigns.
  • Limit availability to specific customers.
  • Apply it to recurring subscription charges.
  • Apply it to multiple products.

To use a coupon, customers must enter a valid coupon ID in the promotional code field of your storefront. You can also use the Store Builder Library or the API to apply coupon codes to sessions. 

To apply multiple discounts to a single product, select the Combine Discounts checkbox when you edit the coupon, and configure a built-in product discount.

Create a Coupon

Apply discount percentages or amounts to orders that contain the associated coupon code. The discount will apply to all quantities of eligible products selected by the customer. 

For example, if you specify 20% off and the consumer purchases three products with this coupon (or three of the same), the 20% discount applies to all three.

  1. Navigate to the Coupons page. Click Create Coupon.
  2. In the Coupon ID field, enter an internal-facing name for reporting. This field only accepts letters, numbers, dashes, and underscores.
  3. In the drop-down, select the type of discount you want to add to this coupon.
    1. Percent Off: Enter a discount percentage up to 100%.
    2. Amount Off: Enter the monetary amount you would like to deduct with this coupon. Optionally, edit the amount for each supported currency.
  4. Below Coupon codes which will trigger the discount, enter one or more codes that customers must enter to receive the discount. If you provide multiple codes, separate them by line. This field only accepts letters, numbers, dashes, and underscores.
    1. To limit how many times consumers use the coupon, edit the coupon and enter a value in the Limit Coupon by Number of Uses field.
  5. Click Add to create the coupon. Edit the coupon to add additional configurations.

Edit a Coupon

After you create a coupon you can edit it for future purchases. Changes do not apply to completed transactions or active subscriptions. 

  1. Navigate to the Coupons page. On the coupon you want to edit, click Edit Discount.
  2. Optionally update the Discount amount or percentage.
  3. In the Discount Duration field, enter the number of billing periods to apply the discount to.
  4. Select the Combine Discounts checkbox to allow customers to combine the coupon with a product-level discount. If you leave this deselected, FastSpring will apply the larger discount to applicable products.  NOTE: A discount that has an unlimited duration (despite the percentage/amount) takes precedence over discounts with a finite duration.
  5. Below Applied Discount Reason, enter a customer-facing message. Click the language drop-down to enter the reason in additional languages.
  6. Select the Limit Coupon by Number of Uses checkbox to limit the number of customers who can apply each coupon code. Enter the number in the field below. This does not apply to previous orders, or test orders.
  7. Select the Limit Promotion Availability by Dates checkbox to enter a date range for the coupon. Customers applying the coupon code outside of the date range to not receive a discount.
  8. In the Products field, select the products to which this coupon applies. If you do not select any products, FastSpring will apply the coupon to all.
  9. Select Does not apply to Extended Download Service to prevent the coupon from discounting the EDS fee
  10. Select Does not apply to Shipping Fee to prevent the coupon from discounting the shipping fee.

If you have specified one or more products for the coupon, the EDS and Shipping Fee checkboxes do not appear. Coupons can only apply to specified products. 

Manage Codes for an Existing Coupon

When you access your existing coupons in the FastSpring App, navigate to the card of the coupon for which you want to manage codes. Then, select one of the following buttons:

  • View Codes: View a list of all valid coupon codes for this coupon, including the number of uses remaining for each.
  • Add Codes: Add new coupon codes to this coupon. Characters are limited to letters, numbers, dashes, and underscores.
  • Remove Codes: Remove specific coupon codes from this coupon. FastSpring will no longer accept these codes.
  • Disabled Codes: View a list of coupon codes that have reached their maximum number of uses.

Delete a Coupon

  1. Navigate to the Coupons page.
  2. In the card of the coupon that you want to delete, click More > Delete.
  3. Click Delete to confirm.