Split Partner Accounts

With Split Partner Accounts, FastSpring can send your partner a percentage of your sales or revenue. Your partner will receive the percentage of profits that you request for them.

Add a Partner to your Account

If you are interested in adding a partner to your Store, follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to the FastSpring Payee Signup Form. In the URL, replace XXXXCOMPANYIDXXXX with your company ID.
  2. Send this form to your partner to fill out.
  3. Contact our support team with the following information:
    • What percentage of sales will your partner receive?
    • Is this percentage based on Revenue or Sales Price? See Types of Shares below for more information.
    • Are there any limitations to your partner’s share? Does this percentage apply to all sales or sales from specific stores or products?

After Support configures the partner account, FastSpring will automatically deduct the requested shares from your payout.

If a customer returns their product, FastSpring transfers your partner’s share to your account. Then, we issue the refund from your account, however we retain the order fees.

Types of Shares

When you request to add a partner, specify whether the partner will receive a percentage of the sale price or overall revenue. 

  • Sale Price: You determine the percentage of individual sales that your partner receives. Before deducting the service fee, FastSpring sends the configured percentage for each sale to your partner. You receive the remainder of the profit.
  • Revenue: You determine the percentage of revenue that your partner receives. After deducting the service fee, FastSpring sends the configured percentage of remaining revenue to your partner. Rather than a percentage of the sale, your partner receives a percentage of the profit, after fees are applied.

Limiting Products and Stores

When you request to add a partner to your store, indicate the limitations of the partner. For example, you may only want to share profits from specific products, or a specific store. Profits which you can limit include:

  • Stores: Specify which stores your partner will receive a fixed percentage of. You can also limit product availability within the store.
  • Products: Specify which products your partner will receive a fixed percentage of. This share applies to all variations of that product as well.
  • Source: Specify if only orders from your Partner’s checkout source will result in their receiving a fixed percentage. You can also limit by store and/or product.

Source Checkout Guidelines for your Partner

When a partner refers a buyer to your checkout pages, their Link Source must be used in order for them to receive the fixed split percentage. To do this there are 2 options:

  • Web Storefront Checkout: The source URL parameter (?source=SOURCEKEYWORD ) must be included in the order page URL and will be honored as a source parameter for Partner split.
  • Popup checkout stores/embedded checkout stores (Advanced): If using SBL/popup or embedded checkout you must send out the same source via custom order tags.

Example: fastspring.builder.tag({'source' : 'partnerana'});