Team Management (IQ)

After you create an Interactive Quotes account, you can add new users to create a team. Most team members have access to the same internal information and creations (such as tags and discounts). The following rules apply to all team members:

  • They can see and use Tags in the account.
  • They can view and copy teammate’s quotes.
  • They can see and use all Templates.
  • They can see Client information in the Clients field.

You can customize each teammate’s roles and permissions to limit permissions and visibility. This also allows you to privatize specific client information or implement an Approval Workflow.

Account Permissions

After you add a new account to your Interactive Quotes, they will have member privileges until you or another admin updates their account. 


  • Remove any account from the Team, including themselves. This does not apply if they are the last Admin, or they created the Interactive Quotes account.
  • Edit, publish, and send any quote within the account.
  • Create and edit Templates that are accessible to the team.
  • Configure which Team Members opt in to the Approval Workflow.
  • Approve or request changes to quotes that are in the Review Queue.
  • Duplicate a quote. All information is visible.
  • Update company and billing information.
  • Receive in-app notifications for all quotes in the company.

Member Privileges:

  • Edit, publish, or send quotes that they created.
  • Duplicate all company quotes, but client information is not visible.
  • Receive in-app notifications for their own quotes.
  • Submit quotes for approval. This only applies when Admin enable the Approval Workflow for the specific Member.

Add Members to Your Account.

Admin can add new Members to the Interactive Quotes account. After the member accepts the invitation, admin can update their role to have Admin privileges. To make a member an admin, see Update Roles below. 

  1. Navigate to Settings > Team.
  2. Click Invite at the top, right corner, A popup appears.
  3. Type the email address of the teammate you wish to add. They will receive an email prompting them to sign in to their Interactive Quotes account.

After they sign in to their account, they can update their personal information and begin creating quotes. 

Update Roles

Any admin on the team can update the roles of members or other admin, as long as they have accepted the invitation to activate their account. 

  1. Navigate to Settings > Team.
  2. Next to the relevant user, click the Role drop-down.
  3. Select Admin or Member to grant them applicable permissions. If you select Member, optionally click the Require Approval toggle to enable the Approval Workflow for them.