Google Pay


Phased rollout of availability

Google Pay is currently being rolled out in phases and may not be available to all customers at this time. We appreciate your patience as we work to make this feature accessible to everyone.

FastSpring supports Google Pay as a payment method in all countries where Google Pay is available.

Google Pay gives buyers a secure and convenient way to make payments using their Google wallet.

FastSpring offers Google Pay as a payment method for buyers from all browsers and devices, as long as they have a valid Google Wallet configured on their device.

Customer Experience

Here's what the FastSpring Google Pay experience looks like for buyers:

  1. During checkout, the buyer selects Google Pay as their payment option.
  2. FastSpring then displays the Google Pay payment widget, prompting buyers to authorize the payment using their Google Wallet.
  3. The buyer then completes checkout with Google Pay and FastSpring processes the transaction.
  4. After the payment processes successfully, the buyer gets redirected to the store's completion page.

Refunds and Returns

Process refunds and returns the same as you do for any other transaction. FastSpring will automatically return the funds to the customer’s account.

Google Pay and the order.completed webhook

FastSpring sends the following details in the order.completed webhook payload for orders successfully completed with Google Pay:

Google Pay webhook payload:

"payment": {
  "type": "googlepay",
  "creditcard": "visa"

For more on the webhook, see the Successful Orders Documentation.


Can Google Pay be used for subscription purchases?

Yes, FastSpring supports both perpetual and auto recurring purchases.

Is Google Pay enabled by default?

Yes. Google Pay is automatically enabled for all FastSpring sellers.

Is Google Pay a real-time payment method?

Yes, Google Pay payments are processed in real time.