FastSpring’s new 1ClickPay feature reduces purchase friction by verifying the known customers (who have previously purchased from your store and saved payment methods on file) and serving up their saved payment information so they can make a purchase in a single click. By removing the friction of adding card information, sellers can see an increase in both conversion rates and revenue.

How it Works:

  • Buyers will be able to save their payment(card) information with FastSpring(For any purchase type: Perpetual and Subscription) and can reuse it when revisiting the seller’s FastSpring hosted store.
  • This is achieved through recognizing the buyer via a unique FastSpring identifier (authentication via the seller portal). From there, FastSpring shows its payment widget and displays the payment method saved by the user on file during initial purchase.
    • Buyers can always update their payment method and opt to use different payment methods that we support for that purchase.

Target Use Cases:

  • Sellers who wish to offer frictionless additional purchases after the initial purchase.
    – Premium add-on features to extend the purchased product
    – Additional Modules, plugins, tools.
    – Discounted offerings as a loyalty reward.
  • Sellers who support multiple transactions from the same customers per day.

    – Gaming- Purchase of virtual items, skins, credits or other frequent items.
    – Purchasing consumption based products, like API Credits

Benefits of 1ClickPay

If you are selling digital products, here are some of the benefits of 1ClickPay:

  1. Faster Checkout: 1ClickPay eliminates the need for repeat customers to go through a longer checkout process, saving them time and reducing friction.
  2. Reduced Cart Abandonment: By simplifying the purchase process, you can minimize the chances of customers abandoning their carts due to a complicated checkout process.
  3. Enhanced User Experience: Customers appreciate the convenience of a simplified payment flow, which can lead to higher customer satisfaction and long term loyalty.
  4. Higher Conversion Rates: The streamlined 1ClickPay process often leads to higher conversion rates, as it removes barriers to completing a transaction.

1ClickPay Customer Experience

  • Saving the payment method on file while purchasing perpetual products. 1ClickPay uses the same experience as regular checkouts with an additional benefit of saving the payment for future use. This enables your customers to re-use their payment methods for future purchases without any friction.
  • Using the payment method on file – New Purchase. When a customer revisits the same store and we successfully recognize the customer, we expose the default payment method that the customer has saved on their file.
  • Change their default payment method. If your customer updates their default payment method, then the new default payment method(Only Card) will be offered as a payment option for upcoming purchases.

  • Use a new/different payment method. Customers can always use a new/different payment methods, including credit cards (all countries and currencies)

FastSpring does not store credit card, PayPal, Amazon Pay, ACH or SEPA information. Instead, we tokenize the information and store it with the customer account. This only applies if the following information is true:

  • The customer selected the Securely save payment details for automated subscription renewal checkbox for their subscription.
  • The customer selected the Securely save payment details for future use checkbox for their perpetual product

FastSpring does not share stored payment information with anyone. Customers can only see the last 4 digits and the expiration date of their card in the:

  • Account Management (Hosted by FastSpring)
  • Embedded payment management
  • Checkout Page (Your FastSpring hosted checkout page)

This is only accessible to the customer.

Enabling 1ClickPay for Your Customer

By default 1ClickPay is enabled for all of your store, to offer 1ClickPay to your customers you have to send the following information to FastSpring in your secure request:


1. Customers Data in the payload

  • Entire customer object (This customer should have purchased the product and previously saved the card on their account)
    • First Name(mandatory)
    • Last Name(mandatory)
    • Email(mandatory)
    • Other customer details (Optional)


"contact": {
  "email": "[email protected]",
  "firstName": "John",
  "lastName": "Doe"

  • Account ID of the customer. FastSpring creates and manages a unique account ID for your customer. Account ID is returned by our webhooks (e.g. order.completed) or can be retrieved by API call and link to the appropriate API endpoint (https://developer.fastspring.com/reference/search-by-parameter)
    • You can pass the FastSpring Account ID in the payload


    "account": "fastSpringUniqueAccount ID",

2. Make the secure request by calling fastspring.builder.secure()

  • Pass the above formatted payload in this request
    • We highly suggest encrypting your payload to add additional data security over the air(OTA)
  • Call the FastSpring checkout by using this method: fastspring.builder.checkout()

Once a new session is created and a valid checkout URL is presented, your customer should be able to access the checkout screen and view the card previously saved and ready to be used.

Experience 1ClickPay (Optional)

Experience 1ClickPay (optional) by following these steps:

  1. Build a Session as described here and click on “Run”
    • Payload should contain the prerequisite mentioned above.
    • Enter your storefront and the associated data-access-key which you can find by following these route: Developer Tools > Store Builder Library > Access Key
  2. Setting up for 1ClickPay
    • You will be able to access the fastspring checkout experience.
      • Please use the test link, do not use the live links for testing
        Example: yourstore.test.onfastspring.com/popup-acme
        (This takes the checkout to test mode. Now you’ll be able to use FastSpring’s test card for purchases)
    • Make sure “Securely save payment details for future use” checkbox is checked
    • Complete the purchase
  3. Without changing any details on the payload, click on the “Run” button on top right and then click “Secure Checkout”
    • FastSpring will create a new session and you view the saved payment option available for 1ClickPay

Frequently Asked Questions

Will we ask anything else other than the Card ?

No, we will not ask any other details from the customer. It really is 1 Click

Which payment method is in scope ?

We currently support cards only, which are set as default payment method on the account

What happens if the payment method has expired ?

We will inform the customer that their card has expired and ask the customer to enter the payment details again

Can a user select another payment method and which payment methods will be available?

Yes, users can select other payment methods, if there is any issue with the save payment method. We will provide all the payment methods that we would have offered in regular checkout process