After you send an Interactive Quote to a prospect, FastSpring will notify you of progress and changes applied. You can receive these via email or in-app notifications. 

Email Notifications

FastSpring Interactive Quotes sends you email notifications when a prospect:

  • Opens an Interactive Quote
  • Adjusts the selected Tier
  • Selects or deselects Components
  • Requests a pricing proposal from you based on the Tier and Features they choose

Each time a new prospect opens your Interactive Quote, FastSpring will send you an email containing their IP address and contact information. Click View Activity to access the Analytics page of the corresponding quote. 

Edit Email Notifications

  1. In the Interactive Quotes site, select Settings > Account.
  2. In the Notifications section, deselect each notification you do not wish to receive.
  3. Click Save at the top, right corner.

In-App Notifications

At the top right corner of the Interactive Quotes homepage, click the bell icon to access in-app notifications. FastSpring will send you an in-app notification when the following occurs:

  • A teammate changes the status of the quote in the Review Queue
  • A teammate comments on the quote
  • A prospect views the quote
  • A prospect changes their selected Pricing Tier or Components
  • A prospect requests a quote
  • A prospect signs a quote

FastSpring will also notify you if a prospect does not open the quote, and it is at risk of expiring.

Clicking on a notification redirects you to the Analytics section for the quote.