File Downloads

File Download fulfillments allow customers to download resources, such as installer files, PDFs, or a static URL for an external location. FastSpring displays a Download Now button on the completion page, which you can customize. 

Customers can also download fulfillments form their account management portal and their email receipt.

Configure a File Download Fulfillment

  1. In the FastSpring App, navigate to the product’s details page. In the Fulfillments section, click Edit.
  2. Click + Add Fulfillment > Provide a File Download. Additional fields appear.
  3. In the File Name for Customer field, enter the complete file name of the download file, including the extension. Do not include the path to the file.
  4. Select from the following options to provide FastSpring the file. FastSpring will deliver it to consumers after a successful purchase:
    • Upload from Web Browser: Upload a new file to FastSpring using your web browser.
    • Dropbox File: Transfer the download file to FastSpring from a Dropbox location.
    • Remote File URL: Transfer the file to FastSpring from an external URL.
    • Existing File: Use an existing file that has been configured for the fulfillment of another product.

The following fields will differ depending on your selection for Step 4. See the applicable instructions below for more details.

Upload from Web Browser

  1. In the Fulfillment configuration page, click Upload from Web Browser > Next.
  2. Click Choose File. Select the download file from your network or computer. The file name will appear under File to Upload.
  3. Click Start Upload. After the upload is complete, click Verify. The Fulfillment section of the product details page will automatically reflect the configured file download fulfillment.

Dropbox File

Dropbox can be used to transfer your fulfillment file to FastSpring for configuration. FastSpring will host the download file to be served to customers after a successful purchase.

  1. In the FastSpring App, navigate to the product’s details page. In the Fulfillments section, click Edit.
  2. Click + Add Fulfillment > Dropbox File.
  3. Click the Choose… link. A new window opens, prompting you to log on to your DropBox account.
  4. In your DropBox account, select the fulfillment file. Click Choose. The file name and size appear below the DropBox File radio button. Click Next.

When the file has completed, the details appear in the product details page.

Remote File URL

  1. Navigate to the product’s details page. In the Fulfillments section, click Edit.
  2. Click + Add Fulfillment > Remote File URL. Additional fields appear.
  3. Enter the complete URL of the download file, including the file name. Click Next. Depending on the file size, it may take time to upload.
  4. Save your changes.

Existing File in FastSpring

When you select Existing File, you can re-use a downloaded file that is already hosted in your FastSpring account. Use the File Created Time Frame and Available Files selector to specify which file FastSpring should use for the product.

Advanced Configurations

After you have configured the fulfillment, you can click Edit to further customize the following fields:

  • Download Version Behavior: Control whether customers can access the newest version of the product download.
  • Newest File Version:  After you upload a new version of the file to the Fulfillment section, FastSpring automatically replaces expired download links. This allows the customer to download the latest version of the product.
  • Purchased File Version: Limit customers to the fulfillment version that they purchased. If the original download expires and FastSpring resets the expiration date, customers only receive the original version of the download.
  • Fulfillment Applicability: Apply conditional circumstances to the fulfillment. Customers will not have access to the fulfillment when this is not provided.
  • Always Applies: Apply no limit to when the customer receives a file download link.
  • Applies to Rebills Only: Exclude this fulfillment from the initial purchase, but include it on rebills.
  • Applies to Non-Rebills / First Orders Only: Only provide a download link after the initial purchase.
  • Custom Template Key: If you include multiple download files in the fulfillment, use this field as an identifier to distinguish downloads. You can use that identifier in the appropriate section of your template to control the placement of the download link from the fulfillment action in the message.

Download Links

By default, download links are valid for 7 days after the order is placed, however you can request FastSpring Support to change this setting, or enable Extended Download Service. If FastSpring changes the default download duration, this does not affect the download link duration of previous orders.

To view the current settings, navigate to the Orders page and select the relevant order. Click File to access additional details:

  • Name
  • Size
  • Expires
  • Last Accessed
  • Total Attempts
  • Distribution URL

Resend a Customer’s Download Link

You can resend the download link of any previous order through the App. If you resend the receipt email message for an order whose download link(s) have expired, the expired download link(s) are automatically reset to the default duration.

  1. Navigate to the order details and scroll down to the Emails section.
  2. Click anywhere in the Successful Order row.
  3. In the Email dialog, click Resend.

Reset or Deactivate a Download Link

After a download link expires or is deactivated, it will no longer function and will result in an error 404 (file not found).

You can reset a download link to restart for the default download duration or deactivate a download link to immediately disable it:

  1. From the order details page, click File.
  2. On the file detail page, click Options menu in the top right corner of the page.
  3. Select Reset or Deactivate.
  4. To reactivate a download link, click Options > Activate on the file detail page.