Fulfillments Overview

Customize how FastSpring sends customers their products and resources following a successful purchase. This can be in the form of a license key, product Download, a signed PDF, or an email. 

Each product can contain multiple fulfillment methods, which FastSPring sends to your customer immediately after a successful order. 

If you configure multiple fulfillment actions for a given product, FastSpring will initiate each action at checkout. This provides the customer with each fulfillment configured. Click Disable to Remove the fulfillment from the product, or click Edit to further customize it.

Types of Fulfillments

  • License Key: Provide customers with a license key after a successful purchase. This is also accessible in their email receipt and Account Management site.
  • Product Download: Customers can download resources after a successful purchase. A customizable Download Now button appears on the completion page.
  • Signed PDF: If your product is delivered as a PDF file, you can upload a PDF file of up to 250 MB from a Web Browser or Dropbox that will be stamped with the customer’s name and order information upon download.
  • Email: The Send Email option is a legacy fulfillment method that is typically not needed or used for Contextual Stores. Unlike with Classic Commerce Stores, the Contextual email receipt message automatically includes relevant fulfillment details.

License Keys

File Downloads

Customer Notifications