Custom Orders

Create a prefilled shopping card with customized products and pricing for a customer. The custom order will contain a link which you can send to your customer to check out. For each custom order, you can apply the following customizations:

  • Products and associated quantities
  • Order tags
  • Default country and currency
  • Pricing and discounts

The custom order (and each copy of it) will adopt the attributes of the associated product. Because of this, you should avoid overriding associated attributes.

Create a New Custom Order

Use an existing order reference, or create a new custom order from scratch. You can override the values of each field. 

  1. In the FastSpring App, navigate to Sales > Orders > Custom Orders.
  2. Click + Create Custom Order or + Create From Existing Order at the top, right corner of the page.
    • If you selected + Create From Existing Order, enter the order reference or ID number to apply the associated information. You can edit all the information.
  3. In the Title field, enter an internal-facing name for the custom order.
  4. In the Products in the Order field, type the product path of the product you wish to include. Specify the quantity you would like to apply. Repeat this step for each product.
    • Optionally, select Override Unit Price to enter a customized price per unit for the custom order.
  5. In the Assign Coupon to the Order field, optionally enter an existing coupon code.
  6. Optionally, enter custom order tags as key/value pairings. FastSpring stores these as part of the order and returns them in webhook events and API responses.
  7. In the Customer Information section, fill in your customer’s contact information. The Phone Number, Company, and Address fields are optional.
  8. Click Add. The order appears in the Custom Orders tab.

After you create the custom order, go to Sales > Orders > Custom Orders to obtain the URL. It is listed in the Reference column. When you send the URL to your customer, they can enter payment information to receive the associated fulfillments. 

After the customer completes their payment, FastSpring displays a Completed badge next to the order. 

Deactivate or Delete a Custom Order

You can temporarily deactivate live custom orders. Customers will not have access to the URL until you reactivate them. The URL redirects customers to your homepage. 

  1. On the Custom Orders page, click the Enabled badge on the associated order.
  2. Select Switch to Disabled to temporarily remove the URL. You can reactivate it at any point. Alternatively, select Delete to permanently remove access to the custom order.