Signed PDF

To deliver a product as a PDF file, upload the PDF file of up to 250MB. FastSpring will stamp it with the customer’s name and order information when they download it. 

Create a Signed PDF

  1. Navigate to the product’s details page. In the Fulfillments section, click Edit.
  2. Click + Add Fulfillment > Create a Signed PDF. Additional fields appear.
  3. In the File Name for Customer field, enter the complete file name of the download file, including the extension. Do not include the path to the file.
  4. In the PDF File Name field, enter the customer-facing file name, including the extension, of the PDF file to be downloaded by the customer.
  5. Select Upload from Web Browser or Dropbox File to upload a PDF file to FastSpring. Click Next.
  6. Click Choose File. Select the PDF file from your computer or DropBox. The file name will appear under File to Upload.
  7. Click Start Upload. After the upload is complete, click Verify. The Fulfillment section of the product details page will automatically reflect the configured file download fulfillment.
  8. When the upload is complete, verify the file and configure the license stamp.
  9. In the License Name field, enter a name for this fulfillment action:
    • Not Name Based: The license key generation does not take any name into consideration.
    • Email Address: The implementation bases the license keys on the email address entered at checkout.
    • Person Name: The implementation bases the license keys on the full name entered at checkout.
  10. In the License Template field, enter the format of the license information that will appear on your PDF. Optionally enter the variables below.
    • #{name}: Include a name in the watermark, using the value selected in the License Name field.
    • #{reference}: The watermark includes the customer-facing order ID.
  11. In the License Y position field, enter the position where you want the license information to appear on the PDF, relative to the bottom of the page.
  12. In the License Font Size field, enter the font size for the license information watermark.
  13. Click Verify to complete the configuration.