Currencies and Conversions

When you configure your store, you can customize the currencies that it supports and operates in. Your Base Currency will be the store’s default currency in which you configure products. 

You can select which currencies you want FastSpring to accept payments in. FastSpring will display region-specific payment methods to your customers and convert each transaction to your base currency.

Country Default Currencies & Languages

When a customer visits your Storefront, FastSpring selects the most appropriate currency depending on the country associated with the order. A full list of the default currencies and languages is available in our documentation here.

Select Available Currencies for Your Store

In Store Settings, customize which currencies your store does and does not accept. FastSpring will convert your prices to the currency associated with your customers’ location. If you have disabled a currency, FastSpring will display and process orders from associated locations in your store’s base currency. 

  1. In the FastSpring App, navigate to Settings > Store Settings > Localization.
  2. Under Available Currencies, select the checkbox next to each currency you would like to collect payments in. FastSpring will convert each one to your base currency.
  3. Save your changes. Allow up to 10 minutes for Live Storefronts to update.

To override currency and language settings for a specific storefront, see Currencies and Language Settings

Base Currencies

Your store’s base currency is the default currency in which you configure products. When a customer from another region purchases your products, FastSpring collects the payment in the customer’s currency and converts it to your base currency. If you disable a currency in your store, FastSpring applies your base currency to orders from the associated regions. 

Available base currencies include the following:

  • AUD
  • CAD
  • EUR
  • GBP
  • JPY
  • USD

Update Your Base Currency

Contact FastSpring Support to update your store’s base currency.

After we update your currency, FastSpring converts transactions based on the rates of your base currency. All transactions will convert to your base currency. However, FastSpring converts sales to report in USD. These may be converted a second time if you receive payouts in a non-USD currency. 

Automatic Currency Conversion

When you configure products, you can apply a unique price for each currency that your store supports. This can help account for tax rates if you use Gross Pricing Mode.

If you do not apply prices for additional currencies, FastSpring automatically converts your base currency price, and displays the localized price to your customers. FastSpring will convert this price back to your store’s currency before issuing your payout. 

Markup Rates

If a customer uses a major currency at checkout (AUD, CAD, DKK, EUR, GBP, HKD, JPY, SEK, SGD, USD, ZAR), FastSpring marks the exchange rate as 3.5% higher than it is to adjust for fluctuations. Then FastSpring converts the base price to the customer’s currency with the markup rate. 

If the customer uses any other currency, FastSprings marks the exchange rate as 5.5% higher to adjust for fluctuations. Then FastSpring converts the base price to the customer’s currency with the markup rate. 

Price Decoration

Price decoration helps display converted prices in a similar style to base prices. For example, if you configure a product to be 39.99 USD, but the conversion rate is 35.03 EUR, price decoration will display it as 35.99 EUR. 

Price decoration is only available with gross pricing mode. If you have manually configured pricing for your customer’s currency, that price overrides price decoration.