Searching for Orders

You can search for all orders on record in the FastSpring App. This includes testing orders, declined transactions, fraudulent charges, and active orders.

In the Activity menu, select Orders or Subscriptions, depending on what you would like to search. In the Search Orders and Subscriptions field, type any of the following search queries:

  • Reference number
  • Order or Subscription ID
  • Customer’s full email address, last name, or company name.
  • Customer’s full last name or company name.
  • Customer’s email domain name, beginning with @.
  • Last 4 digits of the associated credit card number.

By default, the search returns associated orders from the past 90 days. Select the Check to search all history checkbox on the search results page. 

Applying Filters

Use filters in the Orders page to search for specific types of transactions. You can apply multiple filters to further refine your search. 

  • Status: Filter by the status of the order. Statuses include: Completed, canceled, Failed, or Returned.
  • Live or Test: Select Test to return test orders. Otherwise, select Live.
  • Product: Alphabetically order the product paths.
  • Date: Filter a specific date range of orders.