Store Settings

Your Store Settings control all storefronts’ default settings, your customer notifications, and localization settings. These settings apply to all storefronts by default. You can adjust these settings within each storefront. 

In the FastSpring App, navigate to Settings > Store Settings. Select from the following subpages to customize the default settings:

  • General: Apply the contact information, logo, and URL of your store.
  • Localization: Customize the currencies available to your customers, and set the currency in which your store operates.
  • Support Contact: If you are using the Legacy email notification system, enter your support team’s contact information.
  • Invoicing: Customize your Digital Invoicing settings for B2B sales.

General Settings

In the General Settings subpage, input the main information for your store. FastSpring will display this information on product catalogs, checkout pages, fulfillments and more.

  • Main Website URL: Enter the full URL of your website. This can point to the company homepage.
  • Name: Enter the name of your business. This appears in the store’s menu at the top, right corner of the FastSpring app. This does not appear on storefronts.
  • Template to use for Default Order Receipt Notification: Select the New Email System radio button. We do not advise using the Legacy system. Fill out the following fields:
    • From Name: Enter the name that customers see in their email notifications.
    • Reply-to Email: Enter the email address to which customers can respond to email notifications. This is typically your support team’s email address.
  • Invoice Settings: Upload the logo that appears on customers’ invoices and quotes.
  • Default Tax Code: Add or edit the main Tax Category for your products. This will apply to all products by default. You can configure a separate tax category for individual products.
  • Enable Pausing Subscriptions: Select this checkbox to enable Store Admin and customers to pause subscriptions instead of canceling them. For more information, see Pausing Subscriptions.


In the Localization subpage, customize the languages and currencies available to your customers. If you disable a specific currency, FastSpring will charge customers from the associated region in your Base Currency. FastSpring will convert all international transactions to your base currency. For more information, see: Currencies, Conversions and Taxes 

  • Base Currency: Enter a default currency for your store. Pricing configurations, conversions, and transactions with unsupported currencies occur in your Base Currency.
  • Available Currencies: Select each currency that you would like your store to support. You can edit pricing for each currency when configuring products. FastSpring will charge customers in the most accurate currencies based on their IP address. If their region’s currency is disabled, FastSpring charges customers in your Base Currency.

Within each storefront, you can override available currencies without impacting currency-specific pricing. See Currencies and Language Settings for more information. 

Support Team Contact

If you configured the Legacy email system for your store, you can enter your support team’s contact information on this subpage. Otherwise, use the From Name and Reply-To email fields in general settings. 

  • Support Contact Name: Enter the contact name of your customer support team.
  • Support Contact Email: Enter the email address customers can use to contact your support team for questions related to your products or services.

Digital Invoicing

Customize your default Digital Invoicing settings on the Invoicing subpage. After you enable Digital Invoicing for individual storefronts, you can customize the settings. 

Quote Settings

  • Quote Management: If you enable Quote Management, FastSpring displays the Quotes page within the Sales section on the left menu. This allows you to create and manage B2B quotes. Customers can request a quote at checkout. Make sure to enable this feature for each supported storefront.
  • Default Expiration (Number of Days): Enter the default expiration period (in days) that FastSpring applies to new quotes. FastSpring will auto-fill this value in the Expiration Date field. You can edit this on each quote.
  • Default Notes (free text): Add notes that appear on quotes by default, such as terms and conditions. New quotes automatically contain this text, however you can edit it.

Invoice Settings

  • Default Net Terms (Number of Days): Enter the default number of days after invoice creation that payment is due. You can adjust this setting when configuring an invoice.
  • Days Before Due Date to Send Invoice Reminder: Enter the default number of days prior to payment due date to send a reminder email to the prospect. This reminder includes a link to pay.
  • Enable Manual Fulfillment: When enabled, you can manually initiate fulfillment on an unpaid order.
  • Display Check Instructions on US Invoices: When enabled, invoices for us-based orders display instructions to pay by check.
  • Default Invoice Processing: Select the order flow you would like to use for invoice orders:
    • Deliver After Payment: FastSpring sends the prospect an invoice and information to complete their payment. After a successful payment, FastSpring automatically sends the configured fulfillments.
    • Require Approval: After the prospect requests an invoice, FastSpring displays a “pending approval” message. You will receive an email notification from which you can approve or decline their order. If you approve the order, you will select whether the prospect receives their fulfillment before or after payment.

Self-Service Settings

Self-service quotes allow prospects to automatically generate their own quote at checkout. When enabled, you can customize the payment settings below. 

  • Enable Self-Serve Upgrades: Prospects can modify their orders and subscriptions in their Account Management portal. Modifications include: adjusting product quantities and upgrading their subscription to a configured upsell product.
  • Enable Net D Invoice Payment Methods: Prospects can add or update payment methods through the Account Management site. Otherwise, this is only available at checkout.
  • Allow Separate Billing Contact: FastSpring can collect and retain separate contact information for each payment method on file. All payment information is securely encrypted.

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