Amazon Pay

Any customer with an Amazon account can use Amazon Pay as their payment option when checking out from a FastSpring-hosted store.

FastSpring supports Amazon Pay in USD.

This authorizes payment methods and information that is associated with their Amazon account. This way, they do not need to enter their name, address, or payment details in your Store. 

Customers can pay with any payment method connected to their Amazon account except gift cards. 

Customer Experience

  1. At checkout, the customer selects Pay with Amazon. Customers within the US may be prompted to enter their zip code for tax purposes.
  2. FastSpring redirects the customer to a secure site hosted by Amazon. They log in to their Amazon account.
  3. The customer selects the payment method they would like to use for the purchase. Then, they click Pay now with Amazon.
    • For subscriptions, Amazon displays an additional checkbox labeled Use my selected payment method for future purchases and payments to this merchant. This authorizes future rebills.
  4. FastSpring processes the transaction and redirects the customer to your storefront’s completion page.
  5. FastSpring sends the default order receipt notification. Amazon sends a separate payment notification.

Refunds and Returns

Process refunds and returns the same as you do for any other transaction. FastSpring will automatically return the funds to the customer’s account.

Supported Currencies

Amazon Pay is available globally in USD.