Digital Invoicing Overview

Digital Invoicing centralizes your quotes, invoices and purchase orders within the FastSpring app. This allows you to directly connect your B2B deals to your store sales. 

With Digital Invoicing enabled, you can:

  • Gain insights on prospects, pricing, and deals
  • More easily communicate pricing and order information to B2B prospects
  • Increase visibility across the entire business with centralized billing and payments
  • Optimize quotes for multiple types of devices
  • Incorporate eSignatures and payment acceptance inside quotes
  • Manage B2B orders alongside ecommerce channels

Digital Invoicing includes the same product and store management capabilities as the store you enable it within. After you enable Digital Invoicing, FastSpring will add a customizable popup storefront to your store to process all invoice and quote-driven transactions. You can access quote data in the Orders and Quotes pages. 

To learn more about Digital Invoicing, contact our sales team for a demo!

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