Customer Notifications

After a customer completes a purchase in your Store, FastSpring automatically sends them emails containing information about their purchase (such as order receipts, notifications of subscription activity, and account management login links) from [email protected].

You can customize and test existing email templates by navigating to Store Settings > Customer Notifications. Select the Template button to make edits and optionally test the notification with your email address before publishing. Click on the drop-downs below to see the email templates available.

Order Notifications

In the Customer Emails page, click Order to customize your customers’ order-related notifications. This includes pre-billing reminder messages and payment overdue notices.

Click Template to customize each type of notification:

  • Default Order Receipt: FastSpring sends a receipt to the customer after a successful order. This notification cannot be deleted or disabled.
  • Default Gift Purchaser Receipt: FastSpring sends a receipt to the purchaser after they complete a gift purchase. This includes the products, quantities, and prices, but no fulfillment details.
  • Default Gift Recipient Fulfillment: FastSpring sends this notification to the gift recipient after a successful gift purchase. This includes the fulfillment, but no purchase information.
  • Login URL:sent when a consumer visits the Account Management site on your Storefront and requests a secure login link
  • Order Canceled: FastSpring notifies the customer when you manually cancel their pending order. This may include a Purchase Order for a product with the Require Approval setting.
  • Order Pending Approval: If you have configured Purchase Orders with the Require Approval setting, FastSpring sends this to customers after they complete a Purchase Order. These notify the customer that their order needs to be reviewed before the transaction can be completed.
  • Payment Required: FastSpring notifies a customer that their order is pending completion until FastSpring receives the payment in full. The message includes payment instructions and a link to view the Invoice. This is applicable to orders with delayed payment methods, such as Wire Transfers.

Subscription Notifications

In the Customer Emails page, click Subscriptions to customize your customers subscription-related notifications. This includes pre-billing reminder messages and payment overdue notices.

Click Template to customize each type of notification:

  • Activated: After a customer purchases a subscription, FastSpring notifies them that their subscription has not been activated, and provides a link to their Account Management portal. If an order includes multiple subscriptions, this email is sent once per subscription instance.
  • Canceled: FastSpring informs customers when their subscription has been canceled, and is awaiting deactivation. FastSpring does not send this message if you deactivate the subscription immediately.
  • Charge Completed: FastSpring notifies the customer that their rebill transaction was successful. This is only sent for automatic rebills, not new orders.
  • Charge Failed: FastSpring informs customers when a scheduled subscription rebill is declined.
  • Deactivated: FastSpring informs customers that their subscription has been deactivated. This occurs on the next billing date of a cancelled subscription, and when you deactivate a subscription immediately from the App.
  • Default Order Receipt: sent following a new subscription purchase, containing details of both the transaction and the subscription.
  • Payment Overdue (optional): FastSpring reminds customers when a subscription is overdue to update payment information before the cancelation date. FastSpring will send these notifications in the time intervals you configure, relative to the cancelation date.
  • Payment Reminder (optional): FastSpring sends a payment reminder prior to the customer’s scheduled rebill date. You can activate or deactivate these notifications; if they are activated, you can configure the subscription to have multiple Payment Reminder notifications.
  • Trial Reminder: FastSpring sends this notification shortly before a Free Trial Period is scheduled to end. This notifies the customers of the date in which the free trial ends, and the charge that is scheduled to occur. The email includes a link to the Account Management site, where the customer can manage the subscription. See Configuring Trial Subscriptions for more information on trial notifications and reminders.
  • Updated: FastSpring notifies the customer when a seller modifies their subscription through the FastSpring App or API. The email includes a link to the Account Management site.

Subscription Reminders

For subscriptions with free trial periods longer than 3 days, FastSpring automatically sends the consumer a reminder message before the initial charge to the consumer’s payment account.

For subscriptions with recurring charges, you can control if and when FastSpring sends pre-billing reminder messages. For more information, see Subscription Pricing.

Account Management Notifications

In the Customer Emails page, click Account to customize instructions on how to access the Account Management site. Click Template to customize the Login URL message.

As the Merchant of Record, FastSpring may be required to send certain notifications to consumers. If there are special circumstances in which you need to suppress an email that FastSpring sends out, contact our Support team.

Edit and Test a Template

Each email notification that FastSpring sends has an editable Template in the Customer Emails section of the App. You can adjust the HTML of the email template to customize the text, translations, and more.

If you make a mistake editing the HTML, the green Valid indicator changes to a red Invalid indicator. You cannot save your changes if a red indicator is displayed.

  1. In the FastSpring App, navigate to Settings > Customer Emails.

  2. Click Order, Subscription, or Account, depending on the type of notification you wish to customize.

  3. On the applicable email template, select the Template button to edit it. The Edit Template page appears.

  4. In the Subject field, enter HTML to edit the email’s subject line.

  5. In the HTML and Text tabs, edit the body of the email notification by adjusting the HTML.

  6. After you make the desired changes, enter your email address in the Test tab to view the email template.

  7. When satisfied, Save your changes.

Test Subscription Notifications

After you configure notifications for a subscription, you can simulate instances on a Test Orders. The simulation options available vary for each subscription depending on the notifications you have enabled for it, and which events you have previously simulated. For example, in order to simulate the Overdue notification, you must simulate the Billing Failure notification first, as Overdue notifications are sent after Billing Failure notifications. Additionally, each type of notifications must be enabled for the selected subscription to test it.

  1. Place a Test Order containing the subscription you configured notifications for.
  2. Navigate to Sales > Subscriptions. Click Active on the test order to view its details.
  3. In the Charges section, click the desired simulation options (e.g., Simulate Next Billing or Simulate Billing Failure).

Simulation options are unavailable for live subscriptions, as they have the ability to affect the status and history of the subscription instance.

Payment Reminders

For recurring payments and trials that will end soon, such as Manual-Renewal Subscriptions, FastSpring sends payment reminders to the customers 3 days prior to the due date.

FastSpring does not send email reminders for wire and invoice transactions. Customers receive an initial Payment Required email with instructions to complete the payment.

Generate Your Own Email

In rare cases, additional information may be needed in the Post Order Instructions field of a Product or Subscription. In such cases, it is useful to subscribe to the order.completed and subscription.charge.completed webhook events. Then, you can design a script to parse the event data and automatically generate email messages to the consumers.

Add Your Logo to Email Notifications

You can input the URL of an externally hosted image file to your customers’ email notifications.

  1. In the FastSpring App, navigate to Settings > Customer Emails. Click Shared Snippets.

  2. Below the {{>logo}} snippet, click Edit.

  3. In the Snippet Text/HTML Value field, enter the URL of your image.

  4. Save your changes.

After you save your changes, this logo will appear on each email that uses the {{>logo}} snippet.

Resend an Email Notification

Each order’s analytics page lists a record of email notifications and webhook events that FastSpring has sent for the order. There, you can view the history of associated webhooks and emails, and resend each of them. 

  1. Navigate to the order’s details page to access the associated email notifications.
  2. In the Emails section, click the row of the email you want to resend. A popup appears
  3. Click Resend. FastSpring immediately sends the customer the notification, and displays a confirmation on the bottom of the popup.

Initiate a Webhook Again

  1. Navigate to the order’s details page to access the associated webhooks.
  2. In the Webhooks section, click the webhook you would like to initiate. A popup appears with the JSON payload.
  3. Click Re-Send to post the event to the URL or endpoint configured. FastSpring displays a confirmation message at the bottom of the popup.

Unsuccessful Webhook Posts

FastSpring displays the name of each unsuccessful webhook event in red on the order details page. You can initiate the webhook event again by following the steps above. FastSpring automatically retries each unsuccessful webhook every 10 minutes for 24 hours. 

Recover a Default Template

There is no way to access previous template versions from FastSpring, thus we recommend manually saving each version when you make drastic changes.

If you would like to revert to the original, default template, you can copy and paste the original templates from the tables below. All files are in .txt format for maximal compatibility with your editing platform.

As the Merchant of Record, FastSpring may be required to send certain notifications to consumers. If there are special circumstances in which you need to suppress an email that FastSpring sends out, contact our Support team.

Order Notification Templates

Subscription Notification Templates

Account Notification Templates

MessageSubjectHTML VersionText Version
Login URLlogin url subject.txtlogin url.txtlogin url (text).txt