Subscription Add-Ons

Configure subscription add-ons to display additional offers for subscriptions on your web storefront. When a customer purchases an add-on, FastSpring adds this charge to all future rebills. There are 2 types of subscription add-ons:

  • Single-Choice: Display multiple add-on choices to the customer at checkout. They can only add one to their order.
  • Multiple-Choice: Customers can add as many add-ons to their subscription as they would like.

Each add-on product adopts the same rebill frequency as the original subscription. The customer pays in full for the subscription all selected add-ons each rebill period. 

Create Subscription Add-on

  1. Create a new subscription, or edit an existing subscription.
  2. In the Related Offers & Add-Ons section, click Add New > Add Subscription Addons. A popup appears.
  3. Select the type of add-on you would like to offer.
  4. Select the Require Selection checkbox to require customers to select an add-on in order to check out. If you do not select this checkbox, the customers have the option to add the add-on to their order.
  5. Select the Inherit Quality checkbox to apply the subscription’s quantity to the add-on. Customers can adjust the quantity.
    • For example, if a customer purchases 3 of the subscription, FastSpring will add 3 of the add-on to their cart.
  6. Below Display, enter a customer-facing name for the add-on. If you configure multiple add-ons, select a position to display it in the Placement drop-down.
  7. In the Products field, type the name of each product you would like to present as an add-on.
  8. Save your add-on.

The Add-On will appear in the Related Offers & Add-Ons section of the product details page. Click Edit to make future changes to the add-on. Changes will only apply to future purchases.