Subscription Proration

Subscription Preview API

The Subscription Preview API:

  • Returns prorated estimates for both the current and proposed plans.
  • Returns the amounts that the customer is most concerned with:
    • Total amount due
    • Date of the next charge
    • Cost for that next charge.

Example Usage: Upgrade from Basic to Premium with a support add-on

Proration Eligibility

If a proposed plan change is ineligible for proration, the endpoint will return one of the following reasons as follows:

1. INACTIVEThe subscription is inactive
2. SCHEDULED PAUSEThe subscription is scheduled to be paused
3. PAUSEThe subscription is currently paused
4. NO_MASTER_PAYMENT_METHODThe subscription doesn’t have a payment method on file
5. INELIGIBLE_PAYMENT_METHODThe payment method associated with the subscription can’t be used for proration
6. TRIALSubscriptions in the trial period are not eligible for proration
7. ON_DEMANDManaged subscriptions are not eligible for proration
8. PENDING_REBILLThe subscription is either currently on, or has passed the re-bill and can’t be prorated
9. NO_PAYMENT_EXISTSThe subscription can’t be prorated since there are no successful payments posted to it
10. NO_LONGER_REFUNDABLEThe subscription can’t be prorated as the payment is no longer refundable

Plan Change History API

The subscription change history is a comprehensive record of plan changes to a subscription. These plan changes include base plan level updates or feature level changes.

Call this API to display the following information:

  • what part of the subscription plan changed
  • when the subscription plan changed
  • how the subscription plan changed

Example usage:

Refer to the Plan Change History API documentation for additional information.