Automatically Renewing Into a Different Subscription

Use Advanced Scheduling to configure your subscription for a pre-defined number of billings that automatically renew into a different subscription. After the renewal, the price, billing frequency, and number of rebills will reflect the new subscription. 

Contact FastSpring Support to enable Advanced Scheduling for your store.

Apply Advanced Scheduling to Your Subscription

Configure a subscription to renew into a new subscription. For example, you can edit a 3-month trial subscription with one charge to renew with a monthly billing cycle. 

  1. Navigate to Products > Subscriptions. Select the subscription you would like to edit.
  2. In the Pricing section, click Edit. A popup appears.
  3. Set the Subscription Type to Standard. In the Charge Interval field, enter the rebill frequency for the initial subscription.
  4. Select the Rebill for radio button. This applies advanced scheduling. Enter the number of charges (including the initial purchase) to charge the customer before the subscription renews into a new one.
  5. In the drop-down, select then renew into different product. In the Renews Into field, type the product path of the second subscription. After the configured charge intervals, FastSpring will automatically update the product and pricing information with this subscription.
  6. Save your changes. The details will reflect in the Pricing section.

After a customer purchases the subscription, you can access the transaction details in the Sales page. The Current Period field displays the current subscription. The Subscription Term field displays the upcoming subscription. Click on the links to view additional information. 

Webhooks and API

Webhook events and API responses for advanced scheduling behave the same as regular subscriptions. On the day that the subscription renews into a new one, FastSpring sends the subscription.updated webhook, however we do not notify the customer. 

Disable Advanced Scheduling

Contact FastSpring Support to remove advanced scheduling capabilities from your store. Existing subscriptions with advanced scheduling continue to rebill accordingly. You can edit the pricing of existing subscriptions to remove advanced scheduling.