Rebill a managed subscription

Managed subscriptions will rely on this API call (or User Interface Charge button press) to charge the customer. (these subscriptions do not track any dates and relies on the seller actions to manage charges, reminders, deactivation, etc)

Charge a customer for their managed subscription.

FastSpring immediately charges them and sends the applicable customer notifications.

NOTE: Since this call involves a large amount of processing and runs in sequence, we recommend dividing up workloads in batches when there is a large volume of rebills on one particular calendar day (Exmple January 1st renewal of all annual subscriptions). And calling the endpoint one batch at a time (wait for the batch to complete)

Partial failure of a batch will be reflected in the response under the individual status returned per subscription in the batch.

Request Example (/subscriptions/charge endpoint)

     // Recommended Max of 50 Subscriptions IDs in a batch
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