Unsuccessful Fulfillments


FastSpring sends the fulfillment.failed webhook when one or more fulfillment actions fail after a successful payment. This may be due to insufficient licenses in a pre-generated list.

Contents of Event Payload

productstringProduct path of the product for which fulfillment failed.
fulfillmentsstringFulfillment action ID for the action that failed – see the Fulfillments section of the product detail page in Dashboard.
typestringType of fulfillment.
orderstringInternal order ID of the associated order.
referencestringCustomer-facing order reference of the associated order.
accountstringFastSpring-generated customer account ID.
subscriptionstringSubscription ID associated with the fulfillment, if applicable.
reasonstringReason for the fulfillment.
quotestringInternal quote ID of the quote associated with the fulfillment.


   "reason":"Does not have available licenses: 3, LicenseDispenser[yoiEYeJ3RnSwTghMu_oDDQ,]"