Quote Status Updates


FastSpring sends the quote.updated webhook each time a team member or prospect updates a quote. Status changes include the following:

  • Quote Accepted: Changes from open to pending payment. The prospect accepted the quote, however they have not paid. This can happen when the buyer or seller generates an invoice instead of clicking Pay Now.
  • Quote Canceled : Changes from open or pending payment to canceled. FastSpring cancels the associated order in the app.
  • Quote Completed: Changes from open to completed. The prospect accepted the quote and completed their payment.
  • Quote Expired: Changes from open to expired. After a quote expires, you can create a new quote or change the expiration date to complete the order.
  • Quote Modified via App: A seller updated the quote in the FastSpring app.
  • Quote Modified via API: A seller updated the quote with the Create a quote API endpoint.

Contents of Event Payload

quote stringInternal ID of the quote.
quoteName stringName of the quote.
changed stringTime in which the quote was updated, in milliseconds.
changedInSeconds stringTime in which the quote was updated, in seconds.
changedDisplay stringDate in which the quote status changed.
changedTimeDisplay stringTime in which the quote status changed.
type stringType of quote that was generated: Self-Serve or Assisted.
updatedBy stringThe email address of the sales representative or seller who updated the quote.
reason stringReason approval is required for the order.
creator stringThe email address of the sales representative or seller who created the quote.
quoteStatus stringThe current status of the quote. Possible values include:
language string2 character ISO code of the language associated with the quote.
quoteCurrency string3 character ISO code of the order currency.
quoteURL stringURL of the customer-facing quote for this order.
account stringFastSpring-generated customer account ID.
coupon arrayThe Coupon ID applied to the quote.
totalstringPrice total of the quote.
totalDisplaystringPrice total with currency.
taxstringTax amount of the quote.
taxDisplaystringTax amount with currency.
taxTypestringCountry specific tax type.
subtotalstringSubtotal price of the quote.
subtotalDisplaystringSubtotal price with currency.
discountstringTotal discount amount on the quote.
discountDisplaystringDiscount with currency.
recipientarrayProspect information.
   firststringThe prospect's first name.
   laststringThe prospect's last name.
   emailstringThe prospect's email address.
   companystringThe company that the prospect associates with.
   phonestringThe prospect's phone number.
   taxIDstringThe prospect’s tax ID (if applicable).
addressarrayThe prospect’s physical address.
fulfillmentSettingstringDisplays the fulfillment type.
notesstringExternal-facing notes on the quote.
tagsobjectTags associated with the quote.
itemsarrayProducts included in the quote.
   productstringProduct path (product ID) of the product on the quote.
   quantitystringQuantity of the product on the quote.
   displaystringProspect-facing display name of the product.
   subtotalstringSubtotal of the specific item.
   subtotalDisplaystringSubtotal with currency.
   discountstringDiscount on particular item.
   discountDisplaystringDiscount with currency.


   "quoteName":"Quote for Company",
   "changedTimeDisplay":"00:16:32 UTC",
   "Reason":"Quote Created",
   "creator":"[email protected]",
      "email":"[email protected]",
      "addressLine1":"123 Main St",
      "city":"SANTA BARBARA",
      "display":"123 Main St, SANTA BARBARA, California, 93101, US"
   "fulfillmentSetting":"ON PAYMENT",
   "notes":"Terms & Conditions of Sale",
         "display":"Active Product",