Edit Account Information


FastSpring sends the account.updated webhook when the following actions occur:

  • You manually update customer information within the app.
  • An existing customer places an order with different information.

Contents of Event Payload

addressarrayCustomer's address on file.
    address line 1stringFirst line of the address.
    address line 2stringSecond line of the address.
   citystringCustomer's city.
   countrystringCustomer's country.
   postal codestringPostal code.
    regionstringCustomer's state or region.


 "id": "QVZXdrO5S3mZ3lZERLRhVg",
 "account": "QVZXdrO5S3mZ3lZERLRhVg",
 "contact": {
   "first": "John",
   "last": "Doe",
   "email": "[email protected]",
   "company": null,
   "phone": "08578004481",
   "subscribed": true
 "address": {
   "address line 1": "123 Main St, Apt 202",
   "address line 2": null,
   "city": "Santa Barbara",
   "country": "US",
   "postal code": "95035",
   "region": "US-CA"
 "language": "en",
 "country": "US",
 "lookup": {
   "global": "b9l6ZezySYScYizUqetxXQ"
 "url": "https://sharp.qa2.onfastspring.com/account"