New Accounts


FastSpring sends the account.created webhook for each new account. This happens when FastSpring processes an order that contains an unrecognized email address.

Contents of Event Payload

idstringFastSpring-generated customer account ID.
accountstringFastSpring-generated customer account ID.
contactobjectCustomer contact information.
    firststringCustomer's first name.
    laststringCustomer's last name.
    emailstringCustomer's email address.
    companystringCustomer's company name.
    phonestringCustomer's phone number.
languagestring2 character ISO code of the customer's language.
countrystring2 character ISO code of the customer's country.
lookupobjectParameters used to look up the account.
    globalstringCustomer-facing account ID.
    customstringOptional custom account ID assigned by you.
    urlstringDefault URL for the customer-facing account management page.