Generates a revenue report

Use /data/v1/revenue to generate a revenue report. You can apply filters on Date range, Country name, Product Name, and Product path. For each of these filtered variables, you can define the columns to be included and how you would like to group results to generate reports and serve your unique business needs.

Report Columns

These columns can be included in the reportColumns field. Some of these columns can be used to group the data by including column names in the groupBy field.

Column NameDescriptionUsed to group results (groupBy)
Buyer_EmailBuyer’s email addressYes
Buyer_IDUnique ID for the buyer’s ordersYes
Chargeback_True_Falsetrue - This order was charged backed
false - Successful order
Company_IDThe sellers uniqueIDYes
Company_NameThe sellers nameYes
Country_ISOThe 2 Letter ISO country codeYes
Country_NameThe English name for the countryYes
CouponThe coupon codeYes
Digital_Backup_Fulfillment_FeeThe fee for backup fulfillmentNo
Digital_Backup_Fulfillment_Fee_in_USDThe fee for fulfillment convert to USDNo
Digital_Fulfillment_FeeThe fee for fulfillmentNo
Digital_Fulfillment_Fee_in_USDThe fee for fulfillment convert to USDNo
DiscountThe amount of the discountYes
Driving_Offer_TypeThe related offer type
Driving_Product_PathThe parent product pathYes
Fixed_FeeThe feeNo
Fixed_Fee_in_USDThe fee in USDNo
IncomeThe total for the order including all discountsYes
Income_in_USDThe total converted into USDNo
Item_IDThe unique item idYes
Order_IDThe unique order idYes
Physical_Backup_Fulfillment_FeeThe shipping feeNo
Physical_Backup_Fulfillment_Fee_in_USDThe shipping fee converted to USDNo
Product_Display_NameThe product display nameYes
Product_IDThe internal product idYes
Product_NameThe product nameYes
Product_PathThe primary key for the productYes
Return_FeeThe fee charged for a returnNo
Return_Fee_in_USDThe return fee converted to USDNo
Return_True_Falsetrue - this is a return order
false - this is a normal order
Store_Chargeback_FeeThe fee charged for a chargebackNo
Store_IDThe store idYes
Store_NameThe Store nameYes
Subscription_PeriodIf subscription, the period nameYes
Subscription_Period_EndIf subscription,
the end date of the subscription period
Subscription_Period_StartThe start date of the subscription periodNo
Subscription_Start_DateThe start date of the subscription periodNo
Subscription_StatusThe current status of this subscriptionYes
Subscription_True_Falsetrue - this is a subscription product
false - one-time purchase
TaxThe tax amountNo
Tax_FeeThe tax feeNo
Tax_Fee_in_USDTax fee in USDNo
Tax_in_USDThe tax amount converted into USDNo
Transaction_AmountThe line item amountNo
Transaction_Amount_in_USDThe line item amount converted into USDNo
Transaction_CurrencyThe currency of the orderYes
Transaction_DateThe date of the orderYes
Transaction_FeeThe fee paid for this orderNo
Transaction_Fee_in_USDThe fee converted into USDNo
Transaction_Item_CountThe total number of lines on this orderNo
Transaction_MonthThe month of the transaction (MM)Yes
The rate of the transaction
Transaction_Time_UTCThe time of the orderNo
Transaction_YearThe year of the transaction (YYYY)Yes
Grand_Total_In_USDThe grand total of the whole order in USDNo
syncDateWhen reading new data, the last read date.
This field can be used to sync up your DB with FastSpring’s data APIs
countryISOThe country code in 2 letter ISO formatYes
Product_CountThe total number of unique products purchased within this orderNo
Product_UnitsThe total number of quantity purchased with this whole orderNo
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