Create returns

Issue one or more full order returns. To issue a partial return, we recommend using the FastSpring App.


Returning a subscription does not cancel the subscription. We recommend calling DELETE / subscriptions/{subscription_Id} to cancel the subscription as well.

      "order":"17VblT1XR1aAnIIScCgpfw",                     // order ID OR order reference to be returned
      "reason":"DUPLICATE_ORDER",                           // refund reason; see table for possible values
      "note":"As requested by customer",                    // optional, customer-visible note explaining the return reason
      "notification":"ORIGINAL"                             // notify the customer of the return via email? "ORIGINAL" = yes; "NONE" = no

Values for the reason key

The reason key in the request body accepts the following 10 unique values:

Possible key valuesReason
TAX_REFUNDTax return
PRODUCT_NOT_RECEIVEDProduct not received
PRODUCT_DIFFERENCEProduct not as expected
FRAUDFraudulent transaction
ORDER_ERRORIncorrect order or order error
DISCOUNTDiscount or coupon
DUPLICATE_ORDERDuplicate order
COMPATIBILITY_ISSUECompatibility issue
OTHEROther reason

If your payload contains a value that doesn't match those in this table, FastSpring will still create the return but insert None as the reason for the return.

For example, if your reason value is TAX_RETURN instead of TAX_REFUND, the order would display None as the refund reason.

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