Apply Customer Information to an Order Session

Apply customer information to an order session using the recognize() call, or by passing a secure request.

Apply Customer Information Prior to Checkout

If you have not initiated a checkout session, you can apply customer information to the fastspring.builder.recognize() method or the paymentContact object.

Relevant fields include the following:

  • email
  • firstName
  • lastName
  • company
  • addressLine1
  • addressLine2
  • city
  • region
  • country
  • postalCode
  • phoneNumber

After you edit the fields, use fastspring.builder.push() to push the information to the SBL. Customers can see and adjust the information at checkout. If the customer has an existing account in your store, information from their previous orders may prefill the fields.

Apply Customer Information with a Secure Payload

You can submit customer information from the contact object of a secure payload. If the information is valid, FastSpring validates and stores it. Then, FastSpring hides the customer information fields at checkout, and only collects payment information.

The following fields are required to pass a secure payload:

  • firstName
  • lastName
  • email
  • address (if enabled)
    • addressLine1
    • city
    • country
    • postalCode
  • phoneNumber (if enabled)


When you specify the country, FastSpring automatically updates their language selection. However, you can set a separate language using fastspring.builder.language().

Invalid Information

If contact information does not pass validation, FastSpring prefills the field, and displays it to the customer. This way, customers can edit inaccurate information during checkout.

If the SBL collects address fields and hides them at checkout, invalid information cannot be corrected. To ensure accurate address validation, we recommend doing one of the following:

  • Validate the address prior to passing it in the secure payload.
  • Select the Force physical address collection for all orders checkbox on your storefront’s configuration page. See Popup Storefronts for more information.

Apply Language and Tax Information

You can use the SBL to make changes to the customer’s language and tax information. However, this must be passed outside of the paymentContact object.

The following example passes a customer's language and tax information through the secure payload:

      "email":"[email protected]",

Language Information

To pass updated language information, use fastspring.builder.language() and include the 2 character ISO code. This must be passed outside of the paymentContact object.


Tax Exemption Information

To apply a tax exemption ID to a checkout session, use fastpring.builder.taxid(). Add their tax ID within the () to prevent collection of VAT or GST.