Improved User Experience in Free Trial UI

We’re always looking for ways to improve user experience in our application. To that end, we’ve implemented new updates for users who are active in our free trial and want to quickly go from sign-up to launching their FastSpring store.

With this latest version of our FastSpring welcome dashboard, we’ve implemented user guides in-app to help users achieve four goals:

  • Create a product or subscription
  • Explore Storefronts
  • Explore Developer Tools
  • Go Live!

These updates allow FastSpring users to quickly navigate through the platform directly to where they want to go, reducing friction in their journey and leading to going live much faster.

We’ve also opened up avenues to connect with FastSpring teams at any time. Now, users are able to schedule a demo at any time, or if they run into a technical issue, they can get time on the calendar with one of our sales engineers to quickly resolve the problem.

FastSpring Improves ACH Authorization Rates

We continue to iterate on our ACH payments feature and have implemented additional updates to improve the experience for both FastSpring users and their buyers. The most recent updates provide:

  • Improved reporting and 25% faster payment updates
  • Improved error handling
  • Improved automated order completion
  • Improved payment refund handling

We're excited for you to continue using ACH as a part of your strategy within FastSpring. Take a look at our documentation for more information about ACH. Or, if you want to get ACH enabled on your store, please reach out to our team at [email protected] and they'll be able to get you started!

  • Fixed an issue in which some chargers were returning an error with one payment gateway.
  • Fixed an issue where customer email templates were not functioning properly.
  • Fixed an issue where digital invoicing quotes weren’t allowing wire transfer to be selected as a payment method.
  • Fixed an issue in which embedded checkouts were incorrectly triggering the mailingListEntry.abandoned webhook regardless of order conversion
  • Fixed an issue in which updates using the subscription API were occasionally skipping discount duration
  • Fixed an issue in which the quote price popup was excluding VAT after clicking “Accept and Continue”
  • Proration Improvements: Enhanced the invoice and order details page look and feel when upgrading or downgrading a subscription
  • Added copy/paste capabilities to the Purchase Order Number textbox
  • Improved Digital Invoicing and Custom Orders to dynamically re-price on currency re-selection

New Subscription Plan Change History API Now Available to Businesses That Use FastSpring

SaaS continues to grow at a rapid clip, and more than ever, we’re used to using subscriptions for a variety of services. We’re also aware of the need to understand what we’ve historically paid for our subscriptions and the changes we’ve made to those subscriptions over time. We’re excited to announce the release of our Subscription Plan Change History API, which now gives users the ability to surface historical changes to a subscription to their buyers. This API will improve the end-user experience, increase customer satisfaction, and increase retention.

By using the Subscription Plan Change History API, businesses that use FastSpring open up a new line of sight into their customers’ accounts so they can always make the best decision for themselves. This includes tracking of changes such as:

  • Quantity change
  • Price change
  • Discount change
  • Coupon change
  • Tax exemption
  • Upgrade
  • Downgrade
  • Cross-sell

New and Improved API Status Reporting

FastSpring extends its developer focus with the release of its new API log, which provides its users visibility into the performance of their FastSpring APIs. Now, users can quickly understand how their APIs are performing and resolve issues easier with information provided, such as latency, status, error codes, and more.

Our at-a-glance view of API statuses is just the beginning. We also surface detailed information about each API, such as request header, request body, and response header. Now if sellers run into an issue with slow response times and errors, we provide exact information and give them enough visibility to quickly resolve issues with an API, instead of spending their time digging up information.

  • Fixed an issue with Google Analytics integrations
  • Fixed an unexpected error when a country wasn’t selected and a VAT ID was entered
  • Updated valid zip codes for FastSpring checkout
  • Fixed an issue in which the Products API wasn’t updating “overdueNotification” properly
  • Updated calculations on some line items prices to accurately reflect summed up price
  • Fixed a visual bug in which the checkout buttons appeared outside margins when quote was selected in popup checkout
  • Added tax and unit pricing on invoicing
  • Added copy/paste capabilities to the Purchase Order Number textbox
  • Improved Digital Invoicing and Custom Orders to dynamically re-price on currency re-selection

Chargeback Overview Dashboard

We’re excited to announce the first of many improvements to FastSpring’s chargeback management capabilities, the Chargeback Overview Dashboard.

This dashboard will help you see, react to, and control your chargebacks. We’ve designed it to fit into your daily flow and deliver up information in an easy-to-understand format. With our new Chargeback Overview Dashboard, monitor chargebacks in near real time, react faster, and prevent fraud.

A few feature highlights:

  • Chargeback Rate Meter: shows you your chargeback rate and helps you see at-a-glance how close you are to:
    • Penalty: Fee charged for being over chargeback threshold
    • Termination: Payments are turned off
  • Chargeback Breakdown by Product: shows you what products are leading to chargebacks
  • Chargeback Log: a comprehensive record of your most recent chargebacks - this is what helps you take action on a daily basis


  • Enabled SEPA capabilities to support purchases in Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Denmark, Latvia, and Lithuania.
  • Added additional required information for Japanese invoices.
  • Fixed a display issue in the Safari web browser when using cross-sell bundle product text
  • Fixed an issue in which some buyers weren’t receiving links to the account management portal in account management emails
  • Fixed an issue in which bundle prices were being set incorrectly when using Mailchimp
  • Fixed an issue in which Mailchimp was displaying the incorrect purchase date

SEPA Direct Debit Refresh

  • To better serve sellers selling within the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA), we have deployed new features to support payments via SEPA Direct Debit in select countries. This allows FastSpring sellers to capture larger market share, reduce fraud, and increase conversion rates in the EU.
  • If you would like to learn more, check out our documentation here. Or, if you're a current seller and would like SEPA Direct Debit activated for your storefront, reach out to [email protected] with your request.