March 8, 2024: FastSpring Product Updates

  • Fixed an issue where taxes weren't applied to some orders made in the US and Canada.
  • Fixed an issue where renewals in Account Management were incorrectly showing a "Renews every year for free" text.
  • Fixed an issue where gift imagery was incorrectly being displayed in checkout and the account management portal.
  • Fixed an issue with canceling iDeal orders.
  • Fixed an issue where the incorrect charge amount was showing on some subscription terms of service in the account management portal.
  • Fixed an issue where some manual subscriptions were showing a different price on checkout vs an invoice when renewed.
  • Fixed an issue with data-error-callback and data-fsc-autoapply in Store Builder Library.
  • Improved monthly and year end payout statements for users.
  • Improved ADA compatibility for screen readers in the tax exempt portion of Popup storefront.
  • Improved the Bulk Upload Adjustment Platform tool.