• Fixed an issue with some Card transactions failing in India.
  • Fixed an issue with errors in taxation on quotes.
  • Fixed an issue affecting some buyers in Belgium.
  • Fixed an issue affecting dunning on some subscriptions.
  • Fixed an issue affecting some orders in Canada.
  • Fixed an issue where wire transfer information wasn’t included in some invoices.

Trial Hopping Prevention

Sellers on the FastSpring platform are now able to prevent users from signing up for multiple trials with the same email. This feature also encourages users to convert to a paid plan. Check out our documentation!

  • Fixed errors with Paypal chosen as a payment method on some orders.
  • Fixed some minor display errors in-app.
  • Fixed an issue where users couldn’t modify existing coupons with the API.
  • Fixed an issue where proration failed due to an error.
  • Fixed errors where some orders were stuck on “accepted” status
  • Fixed an error in discount calculation.
  • Fixed an issue in which addresses weren’t collected on some orders.
  • Fixed an issue where discounts were not pulling through on some orders.
  • Fixed an issue where some orders weren’t processed in popup checkout.
  • Fixed an issue with payment retries for some orders.
  • Fixed an error when checkouts had 0 in order quantity.
  • Fixed an error with tax calculation on some net pricing.
  • Fixed an issue with dunning emails.
  • Fixed an issue where order confirmation wasn’t displayed for some orders for users using web storefront.
  • Fixed an issue in which some rebills were not firing correctly.
  • Fixed an issue in which Apple Pay skipped discounts in some cases.
  • Fixed an issue in which a default tax code wasn’t applied when new products were created.

Tax Exemption Updates in Digital Invoicing

Now, users are able to add a tax exemption ID to quotes created within the FastSpring App and from the Quotes API. This change applies to all supported countries where FastSpring collects taxes.

Updated Zip Code Requirements for North America

In the USA and Canada, users will now be required to input zip or postal codes respectively. This allows us to more accurately validate tax exemption numbers at the time of quote creation. This change applies to both user generated quotes as well as quotes generated by end-customers of FastSpring users.

Expanded Support for Tax Exemption in Orders from Japan

Users making sales in Japan can now input a JCT tax ID for B2B transactions and receive a 0% rate and report the tax directly under reverse change accounting.

Offers API Release

We have released a new Offers API to allow users to surface upsell, cross-sell, addons, and alternative offers to prospective buyers at every customer interaction.

  • Fixed an issue where the subscription edit page was erroneously pulling base product pricing on variation product options.
  • Fixed an issue where some buyers in India were unable to make purchases.
  • Fixed an issue when validating some tax exemptions
  • Fixed an issue in which some Indian GST IDs were returning an invalid response
  • Updated the GUI to “Google Analytics Measurement ID” from “Google Analytics Property ID”
  • Fixed an issuing which order IDs were not correctly exporting
  • Fixed an issue where next billing for subscriptions displayed the incorrect subtotal amount
  • Fixed an issue where embedded storefront was incorrectly triggering mailingListEntry.abandoned webhook
  • Fixed an issue where our orders API wasn’t passing the “Payment Due Date” field
  • Fixed an issue where subscription ID wasn’t correctly displayed in some reports

Improved User Experience in Free Trial UI

We’re always looking for ways to improve user experience in our application. To that end, we’ve implemented new updates for users who are active in our free trial and want to quickly go from sign-up to launching their FastSpring store.

With this latest version of our FastSpring welcome dashboard, we’ve implemented user guides in-app to help users achieve four goals:

  • Create a product or subscription
  • Explore Storefronts
  • Explore Developer Tools
  • Go Live!

These updates allow FastSpring users to quickly navigate through the platform directly to where they want to go, reducing friction in their journey and leading to going live much faster.

We’ve also opened up avenues to connect with FastSpring teams at any time. Now, users are able to schedule a demo at any time, or if they run into a technical issue, they can get time on the calendar with one of our sales engineers to quickly resolve the problem.

FastSpring Improves ACH Authorization Rates

We continue to iterate on our ACH payments feature and have implemented additional updates to improve the experience for both FastSpring users and their buyers. The most recent updates provide:

  • Improved reporting and 25% faster payment updates
  • Improved error handling
  • Improved automated order completion
  • Improved payment refund handling

We're excited for you to continue using ACH as a part of your strategy within FastSpring. Take a look at our documentation for more information about ACH. Or, if you want to get ACH enabled on your store, please reach out to our team at [email protected] and they'll be able to get you started!