January 5, 2024: FastSpring Product Updates

  • Fixed the pricing-service tax cache
  • Fixed an issue where order.completed coupon details weren’t returned properly
  • Fixed an issue where where fastspring.builder.recognizeRecipients was blocked by an external tool for some users
  • Fixed an issue where subscription renewals wouldn’t include product-level discounts on some orders
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Tax ID link to disappear on some quotes in checkout
  • Corrected Swedish translations
  • Fixed an issue where some trial users were able to select a payment method erroneously
  • Fixed an issue where some Canadian orders were giving an invalid city name on some orders
  • Fixed alignment and typos of some text in web storefront and settings
  • Fixed an issue where the zip code field only accepted numbers for some orders in popup checkout
  • Fixed an issue where rebill information was incorrect on some subscriptions
  • Fixed an issue with some payment methods in popup and embedded checkouts
  • Fixed formatting for entries related to paused subscriptions