August 2023: FastSpring Product Updates

Improved User Experience in Free Trial UI

We’re always looking for ways to improve user experience in our application. To that end, we’ve implemented new updates for users who are active in our free trial and want to quickly go from sign-up to launching their FastSpring store.

With this latest version of our FastSpring welcome dashboard, we’ve implemented user guides in-app to help users achieve four goals:

  • Create a product or subscription
  • Explore Storefronts
  • Explore Developer Tools
  • Go Live!

These updates allow FastSpring users to quickly navigate through the platform directly to where they want to go, reducing friction in their journey and leading to going live much faster.

We’ve also opened up avenues to connect with FastSpring teams at any time. Now, users are able to schedule a demo at any time, or if they run into a technical issue, they can get time on the calendar with one of our sales engineers to quickly resolve the problem.

FastSpring Improves ACH Authorization Rates

We continue to iterate on our ACH payments feature and have implemented additional updates to improve the experience for both FastSpring users and their buyers. The most recent updates provide:

  • Improved reporting and 25% faster payment updates
  • Improved error handling
  • Improved automated order completion
  • Improved payment refund handling

We're excited for you to continue using ACH as a part of your strategy within FastSpring. Take a look at our documentation for more information about ACH. Or, if you want to get ACH enabled on your store, please reach out to our team at [email protected] and they'll be able to get you started!